New article - The Penalty Turn

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John Ball
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New article - The Penalty Turn

Post by John Ball » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:35 pm

I have added a new chapter - Chapter 9 The Penalty Turn on my rules and tactics web site. ... ndtactics/

and look for chapter 9.

This article discusses when and how to take a penalty correctly and includes a Techniques section by world famous builder and former IOM World Champion Craig Smith to help with your boat handling skills..

John Ball
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gordon davies
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Re: New article - The Penalty Turn

Post by gordon davies » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:09 pm

If I could add to John's excellent article:

- Getting well clear. The boat must attempt to get clear as soon as possible after the incident, and continue attempting to get clear. Attempting to get clear may mean slowing down or stopping, luffing well above the course to the next mark, or bearing away. Continuing to sail at the same speed and direction as the other boats is not attempting to get clear.

- Whilst the boat is getting clear, and until she starts to take her penalty, she is not subject to rule 22.2. Other boats, for instance those overlapped to windward or those clear astern, may be required to keep clear of a boat attempting to get well clear. However, a boat that interferes with another boat while sailing to get clear, when she has an alternative, does not sail to get clear as soon as possible. A boat starts to take a penalty when she is clearly turning to carry out a tack or gybe.

For further details see IRSA Case Book P5 and P6.


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