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Charles Legg
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Postby Charles Legg » Sat Dec 24, 2016 10:22 pm

Prompted by a response to another posting I've been looking at how we contact other clubs. There are over 100 affiliated clubs listed on the MYA website. Of these, 46% lack a functioning website that can be contacted via the link on the MYA page, 32% offer contact via email only and 21% can be contacted via telephone. of which 14% offer contact via the club secretary. Only about 8% seemed to offer direct contact with their sailing secretary.

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Re: Statistics

Postby ianrmcdonald » Sun Dec 25, 2016 8:43 am

although Facebook is a little modern for most of us (!), I think clubs should consider a group on Facebook. This would allow anyone in the group to update others on conditions, special events etc without needing to involve others.

I was surprised when receiving my first Mya yearbook this year to find how few of the Contacts gave an email address.

Darin Ballington
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Re: Statistics

Postby Darin Ballington » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:44 am

I think we all agree that communication is not the best, however most options are there, its just that like most things in life nowadays people want it handing on a plate - not a dig at any one just a comment :)

The MYA Club list has all the club contact details that are provided by the clubs, this is available via the MYA website. What is provided is put up....
The MYA runs a website, forum, twitter, facebook page and facebook group. All districts have a website, most clubs do and failing that there is the handbook.

We now have individual sites for many of the classes, run by their skippers for their skippers.

Maybe there is a lack of direction to communication at times but on the whole things are pretty good if you want to find out about our sport- No, i'm not taking this thread as a criticism, just pointing out that things are better than many imagine.

for info:

MYA website -
MYA General Enquiries-
MYA Contacts-
MYA Districts-
MYA Club LIst-
Classes websites-

MYA Twitter- @modelyachtingUK
MYA Facebook-
MYA Facebook Group- MYA Downwind!

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Re: Statistics

Postby ianrmcdonald » Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:17 pm

I would agree Darin, that the web based info is both available and good. What Charles and myself were focusing on was the direct contact to someone at a club to check on immediate issues like weed,any sailing related issues etc. I have to say that once a club member you can quickly build a network of friends to get this info anyway, but I think Charles ( sure he will confirm) was suggesting that more online published contacts of this kind would be good. Having just come back from my sailing club with sailing blown off by 40mph winds, I would suggest that sometimes going to the club is the best solution, have enjoyed a great social and a few beers!

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