Help identifying my 6's

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Help identifying my 6's

Post by Jotty1968 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:30 pm

I recently bought two sixes off ebay as I want to get back into radio sailing. They were both unused for quite some time. Both the same design. One has carbon deck, keel and rudder with glass hull. The other is all glass. Ive rerigged where necessary and added radio gear and a new hitec winch. [/img]HouseMartin sails on one and RM sails on the other with alloy spars.
I'm not that familiar with sixes so would like to know if anyone can help identifying them.
The yellow one ( all glass) will be up for sale too.

Mike Ewart
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Re: Help identifying my 6's

Post by Mike Ewart » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:17 pm

Hi from the pics it is difficult to ID the design, I would suspect them to be from GB's board from the stern and the lead but obviously never measured as the jibs are a little wrong but look pretty, would have a better guess if I saw them in the flesh. The other one to ask would be Alan Bright he seems to spot all the John Lewis designs from miles off
Mike Ewart

Shaun Holbeche
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Re: Help identifying my 6's

Post by Shaun Holbeche » Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:38 pm

The angles of the stern and the bows and the 'bustle' in front of the rudder make them look very similar to John Hanton's boat in the 'what is it' forum post further down the page. Alas it doesn't get us much further regarding it's design.

Shaun. GBR916

Henry Farley
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Re: Help identifying my 6's

Post by Henry Farley » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:54 pm

I don't get here often so have only just noticed Shaun's plea.
It looks like a Panther to me. The nut on the fin bolt is just like one on a Panther that one of my club mates bought via Ebay a while ago and is currently getting down to the design weight. It was a kilo too heavy. By attacking the hull inside with a dremel and sanding drum, cutting holes in the deck and removing vastly over engineered servo mounts plus a jib twitcher he was almost there. A bit of work on the ballast completed the job. Now waiting for the weather to warm up a bit then we can measure it.
The hull is chopped strand mat and a bit vulnerable in places after the sanding, so he had to patch the inside where it got too thin.
Luckily I had measured one years ago so was able to compare to be sure that it is a Panther. Designed and built by Roy Morgan and distributed by Jim Fewster in Hexham, Northumberland. The one my club mate has was solid to the bow so he has cut that off and fitted a silicone bow bumper.
Details from the original advert.
LOA 59.75 inches LWL 40.9 inches Weight 26.42 lbs
Fitted with 5/8 ID mast tube.
Our local one had a stainless steel fin bolt through an aluminium alloy tube in the foam filled fin.
Thoroughly corroded together so came out in one piece! Tube now brass and 6mm stainless studding used in place of bolt with threaded ends


John Hanton
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Re: Help identifying my 6's

Post by John Hanton » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:16 pm

These look very like my mystery 6, now classified on the certificate as "Unknown", latest picture is of No47 on the 2017 Shearwater Cup report. Would have gone with Panther but mine is 1484mm LOA and weighs 11.9kg, worth getting on the water as they seem to go pretty well.
Best wishes,

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