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Forum Nicknames

Post by GaRRy » Mon Feb 08, 2016 4:35 pm

As many of you are aware (Due to me having to inform you of the fact when you tried to register for forum) the use of nick names was not allowed on this forum. This was A MYA Council requirement due to issue in the past with anonymous post on the previous forum.

So after a bit of experimenting I have come up with a solution acceptable to Council that means users can use a nickname to log in etc if they wish. You will still have to provide your proper first and second names and these will appear on all your posts.

So if any one who has already registered would prefer to use a nick name please do the following.

Firstly do not register a new account.
Instead please go to your user profile and fill in the two now mandatory fields for First and Last name.
Then please contact me via email or PM (can do both via contact Icon on right hand side of this message).
Telling me what your current user name is and what you would like it changed to.
I will then send you an email to your registered email address informing you when I have changed it.


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